How to Compress a File With WinZip

1)Open WinZip.

2)Click on the New icon. A window will open displaying the folders on your disk.3

3)Move through the folders until you locate the folder where you want to store your compressed file.

4)WinZip creates a file called an "archive." Name your archive.

5)Click Save. You will be returned to the WinZip main window.

6)You must now add a file to the archive that you have just created. Click on Add. A window will open displaying the files and folders on your disk.

7)Move through the folders until you locate the file that you want to compress. Select that file.

8)In the compression menu, select the level of compression that you want. The choices may include Normal, None, Fast, Superfast and Maximum.

9)Add an optional password, if desired.

10)Click Add. You will return to the main WinZip menu.

11)Your compressed file is now added to the archive.

12)Close WinZip.

Tips & Warnings

· If you have configured your WinZip to display the number of bytes before and after compression, you will be able to see your savings in the WinZip window after you have added the file.

· If you transfer your zipped file (archive) to another computer, the file will not open unless there is a decompression utility installed on that computer. (It doesn't need to be WinZip. Check with your recipient to see what kind of compression software he or she uses and what formats the software can decompress.)

· I

Format fail ZIP adalah format memampatkan yang popular. Fail ZIP mengandungi satu atau lebih fail yang telah di comprees untuk mengurangkan saiz data. Tutorial ini akan menerangkan cara untuk memampatkan fail atau folder menggunakan format built-in ZIP yang telah terdapat di dalam Windows.

Memampatkan Files/Folders

  1. Klik kanan pada fail/folder yang hendak di dimampatkan.
  2. Pilih Send To pada drop down menu seperti rajah di bawah.

  1. Klik pada Compressed (zipped) Folder.
  2. Folder yang telah dimampatkan akan terpapar dan megandungi fail asal yang dimampatkan .


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